About Alison

ducklingAlison Kinney is the author of a book of cultural history, HOOD  (2016), published by Bloomsbury’s “Object Lessons” series.

She writes a column at The Paris Review Daily on the art and artifacts of opera fandom. Her writing on culture, history, music, social justice, and art has also appeared online at Harper’s, Lapham’s Quarterly, Longreads, Hyperallergic, VAN Magazine, The Atlantic, L.A. Review of Books, Avidly, New Republic, The Village Voice, History Today, GOOD, LitHub, The Establishment, Noisey (VICE), The New York Times, and other publications. 

Sister Helen Prejean writes, “Provocative and highly informative, Alison Kinney’s Hood considers this seemingly neutral garment accessory and reveals it to be vexed by a long history of violence, from the Grim Reaper to the KKK and beyond–a history we would do well to address, and redress. Readers will never see hoods the same way again.”